Zimbabwean Inventor in Las Vegas for Kettle Kup prototype launch

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A daughter of a former Zimbabwean journalist based in the United Kingdom Bianca Polizzi , has launched her Kettle Kup prototype in Las Vegas this week, at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Bianca Polizzi with her Kettle Kup in Las Vegas

The former New College student, 21 entered her time-saving invention into Pot Noodle’s ‘You Can Make It’ invention competition in October, and won.

Now, Pot Noodle has helped Bianca to make it for real, turning the idea from a 140 character tweet into a working prototype and showcasing it on the biggest stage possible.

The Kettle Kup has been in development over the last two months, working with product designers and Bianca to enhance the design further, including the addition of a compartment to hold tea, coffee or sugar and a slot for a stirrer.

Bianca Polizzi with her Kettle Kup

Bianca is spending a week introducing the Kettle Kup to thousands of technology and innovation experts attending the renowned Consumer Electronics Show (CES) – a show known for launching some of the biggest innovations and ideas of recent times.

Over 80 would-be inventors entered the Pot Noodle #YouCanMakeIt competition and Bianca was one of three finalists. She was shortlisted alongside an idea for a full body dryer and a GPS enabled travel pillow alarm clock. Over 450 people voted for Bianca to win the competition which involved taking a once in a lifetime trip to Las Vegas.

Speaking from Las Vegas, Bianca said: “I’ve made it for real now! It was only a few months ago that I was sat at University trying to think of the best time-saving ideas and now I’m showcasing the concept.

“To be in Las Vegas amongst so many inspiring people is incredible and I hope the Kettle Kup has caught the attention of people who want to save precious minutes each day.

“It can also help those who don’t want to spend so much money on take-away coffees. They can instead have a hot beverage at the click of a button – anywhere, anytime.”

Bianca Polizzi with her Kettle Kup

Pot Noodle’s Monique Rossi, said: “Launching a new idea in Las Vegas is the pinnacle of making it and we’re delighted to have helped Bianca on this incredible journey.

“If a product can save people time in today’s 24/7 world then you’re onto a winner.

“The Kettle Kup could, in the future, be a staple to people’s lives meaning that they don’t need to wait in the kitchen for a kettle to boil or stand aimlessly in the coffee queue for a morning caffeine hit.

“We hope Las Vegas loves the Kettle Kup as much as we do! Pot Noodle means less time cook and more time winning – Bianca is a prime example of this.”-Swindon24

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