Calls to Ban miniskirts in Zimbabwe schools

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HARRE – The government has been challenged to ban miniskirts in schools.

Prominent educationist Cleopas Kundiona said students must be banned from wearing short hemlines because they are distracting male teachers and fuelling early sexual activity among students.

This comes amid concerns some girls are going to school with skirts that just cover their bottoms, something Kundiona said was totally inappropriate.

Girls with the right length skirts are just rolling them up and teachers regularly tell the students to roll them down, but by first break they are back up again.

Kundiona, who runs several colleges, said male teachers were suffering through the short-skirt fad.

“The reason why there is talk of introducing condoms (in schools) came because of miniskirts, students at schools are wearing miniskirts and we need to ban them,” Kundiona said.

“Look at the army and police, they have discipline. Our schools should be like military institutions where there is discipline. Students should not be given condoms.”

He blamed exposure to the Internet, and insisted that distributing condoms in schools was a big no-no.

“The issue of condoms is coming because those who wear miniskirts end up attracting other students, teachers and men in the society at large,” he said.

“The ministry, parents and the church need to speak with one voice and say no to condoms. Students should never be allowed to date at school because that would divide their attention.”

One parent, who has two daughters and declined to be named, said the proposed the new dress code seems unnecessary.

She said: “I can’t see what the problem is. This has been going on for years even when I was a teenager. Maybe it can apply to primary school girls — but in secondary schools, they are becoming young women and should be allowed to wear miniskirts. I agree there is a point where it becomes inappropriate but to ban miniskirts altogether is a little draconian to say the least.”

Apart from the contentious issue of condoms, Kundiona also noted that there is rampant abuse of drugs at learning institutions because of laxity by relevant authorities to enforce stringent measures that would maintain discipline among students.

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