AMG brings COVID19 timely boost for Alexandra residents

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The African Medallion Group (AMG) today donated food hampers in Alexandra Township in an effort to assist people in the coronavirus lockdown.
The relief efforts were primarily directed toward basic needs and hardship relief programs across the markets in which AMG operates.

“The commitment to serve our communities has never been more important as we collectively navigate the unprecedented challenges posed by this global pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting communities quite harshly, with some losing jobs and sources of income. AMG’s presence here today is to restore their dignity during this challenging time,” said AMG CEO Itai Maunganidze during the handover ceremony.

AMG’s funding – which will be disbursed throughout 2020 – will be coordinated by the AMG Foundation and Hamilton Insurance, building on the company’s legacy of philanthropic support in the communities it serves.

The AMG’s coronavirus relief support also includes providing food and sanitation assistance to the underprivileged in support of the coronavirus relief efforts of the Government and other institutions.

Together with councillor Tefo Raphada of Ward 105, AMG donated food hampers in Alexandra Township today to communities who were in need of urgent relief.

African Medallion Group …..The good Samaritans

“Being here in Alexandra today is a responsibility AMG takes very seriously as we heed the national call to support and contribute to this community with basic essentials. We recognise our role as a pillar of the communities we serve, and we are actively working with those affected, providing a variety of solutions that make the most sense for meeting their particular needs,” said Maunganidze.

Councillor Raphada thanked the AMG saying: “On behalf of Ward 105 in Alexandra township we would like to extend a word of gratitude to AMG for their contribution here today. The resilience of our people through these tough times will result in us getting through the Coronavirus pandemic.”

He added: “As part of the leadership, it is our mandate to form strategic partnerships which aim to bring relief to our people during difficult times. This partnership with AMG in providing food and hygiene items will go a long way in flattening the curve in Alexandra township.”

African Medallion Group (AMG
African Medallion Group (AMG
African Medallion Group (AMG

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