Angry youths savage Moyo, Kasukuwere

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HARARE – A Zanu PF youth group apparently aligned to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s faction has launched a scathing attack on three Cabinet ministers linked to the Generation 40 (G40) group, as factional and succession wars continue to devour the ruling party.Jonathan-mOyo-being-consoled-at-the-Harare-International-airport

This comes amid reports that supporters of Mnangagwa — an alleged victim of vicious and rising political attacks by the G40 — have launched a multi-pronged fight-back strategy, which includes open confrontation and “equally dirty campaigns”.

Speaking at a media conference in Harare yesterday, the little-known Zimbabwe Youth Action Platform (ZYAP) tore into ministers Jonathan Moyo,  Saviour Kasukuwere and Patrick Zhuwao, as well as flamboyant businessman Phillip Chiyangwa for allegedly formenting divisions in the ruling party.

The group also said the quartet and their acolytes should stop attacking war veterans, desist from insisting on the implementation of what they called ruinous economic policies, and stop using social media to attack party rivals.

“It is uncouth, hogwash and immature, to say the least, that our veterans of independence can be addressed as mere taxi drivers and loose drunkards, given the ideological clarity and steadfastness that drove them to liberate this country,” the group’s president Tonderai Chidawa, said in reference to controversial remarks made by Kasukuwere recently.

“ZYAP unequivocally reminds those attacking war veterans … that it took individual resolve, resoluteness and immense bravery … to join the liberation struggle … at the expense of family responsibilities.

“As if that is not enough, others deserted to the USA to sell-out the struggle, but today, led by their narrow-mindedness, they peddle insults on veterans of the struggle,” he said, in what was interpreted as an attack on Moyo.

Zanu PF insiders also said the ZYAP attack was also aimed at First Lady Grace Mugabe, who recently tore into war veterans, saying they must not claim superior treatment or privileges because they had not been forced to go to war. The youths claimed that Moyo had deserted the war of liberation at the height of the struggle for an education in foreign lands and was now allegedly “hiding under the umbrella of a professor”.

“Indeed our war veterans can’t be humiliated by a rapacious clique of power hungry gangsters led by errant intellectual dwarfs and war deserters finding titles in professors (sic),” Chidawa said.

The youths also warned that they were prepared to take on individuals linked to the G40 head-on, if they set foot on the Heroes Acre, singling out Kasukuwere in the process and saying he could become their first casualty.

“Further, we remind all and sundry that the National Heroes Acre is a national shrine of both historical and futuristic importance that no amount of individual ambition or esteem should take the shrine as an occasion for showcasing their ambition or ego.

“We declare that G-Fools, because of their blatant lack of respect to the shrine and war veterans in particular, should cease to attend Heroes Acre functions from today onwards.

“It is against this background that ZYAP takes this opportunity to enlighten national political commissar Cde Kasukuwere to understand the values … of various stakeholders and youth associations, among others in the progression of the party.

“Any attempt to undermine them will be detrimental to the party,” Chidawa said.

ZYAP also tore into Chiyangwa, accusing him of fanning hate within the party and calling other party members homosexuals.

“We further hold that Chiyangwa and his bunch of morons should shape up or ship out if they can’t toe the party line, in view of their sarcastic and factional selfie videos against senior leadership of the party and abusing the first lady’s name.

“We are also aware of the recent attempt to cause discord by the minister of Youth, Patrick Zhuwao, on the issue of 10 percent taxation.

“It therefore defies the logic of basic economics that on top of the 51 percent ownership matrix provided by IEEA, Cde Zhuwao insists on molesting investors by requiring them to pay 10 percent taxation.

“That smacks of distorted economic fundamentals and an affront to ZimAsset and this should be stopped to ensure that there is clarity in terms of our investment policies as a country.

“It doesn’t matter whether you are a believer in G40 or G-Fools, the truth is there is one single centre of power led by his Excellency President Robert Mugabe,” ChidaIrate youths savage Kasukuwere, Moyo

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