Zimbabwe Republic Police collected $14 million from roadblocks in 6 months

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In a stunning development, the Zimbabwe Republic Police collected $14 million from its unpopular roadblocks and arrested more than one million traffic offenders in the first six months of this year, documents in our possession show.


Apart from raking in the staggering millions of dollars, police also collected R11 717 900 during the 178 days which it reviewed on June 27 and 28, 2017 in a report broken down to show how much police stations and highway patrol teams had billed in the first six months.

The figures are carried in a memorandum compiled by Officer Commanding National Traffic and sent to police chiefs and relevant heads in a review of fines, arrests and targets carried in the first 178 days of 2017.

Curiously, the report mentioned that police officers manning the roadblocks and carrying spot checks were failing to meet their targets due to many roadblocks, especially in Harare.

During the 178 days police arrested 1 038 657 million people, a gigantic figure representing the efforts of both the police stations and highway patrol teams. Police stations arrested 541 566 and highway patrol teams nailed 497 091.

In monetary terms, Harare province was the biggest earner with police stations themselves contributing $2 382 230, followed by Midlands which had $691 910 and Mashonaland West with $615 335.

Highway Patrol in Harare earned $3 707 170 during the same period with Mashonaland West province receiving $617 810, followed by Midlands province with $542 430.

In total, police stations raked in $6 611 425, R3 168 690 and (Botswana Pula) P52 300.

The Highway Patrol earned $7 778 030, R8 549 210, Euro10 and P 540.

During the 178 days under review, Harare Central Police Station and Mutare had a daily target of $3 000 followed by Chitungwiza, $2 500, and Mabvuku, $2 100.

Highway Patrol teams were demanded to meet targets ranging between $1 300 and $1 800 per day.

The latest revelations come as there are growing calls for government to reduce the number of roadblocks by thousands of motorists who complain about the random and unrelenting harassment at by police.