Army Kicks Out 200 villagers Off Shurugwi Farm

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HARARE – The Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) has justified its eviction of 200 villagers from Lazy Nine Farm in Banga Village, Shurugwi South saying the area is a military protected area.

“The area is an officially gazetted cantonment area as stipulated under the Government Gazette Notice No. 802/1978,” lieutenant colonel Alphios Makotore, the director Army public relations, said in a statement yesterday.

“In addition to the above, the ZNA has put up notices to remind the illegally resettled villagers that they must vacate the area.

“Whoever resettled those villagers did so without consulting the relevant military authorities who could have shown the boundaries of the gazetted area.

“In that regard, the eviction order stands because those villagers were illegally resettled.

“Furthermore, it is in the interest of the villagers’ safety that they vacate the area as stipulated by the notices put up by the ZNA authorities.”