Zimbabwe ostrich and crocodile farmer abandons old career to keep Londons’ lights on

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A Plumstead former ostrich farmer has passed on his large bird rearing roots to start a career as an electrician.

Wayne Reichard, 32,

Wayne Reichard, 32,

Wayne Reichard, 32, was born in Zimbabwe and grew up on a large family farm where they kept ostriches as well as crocodiles.

Thankfully there are no crocodiles under the streets of London which is where Mr Reichard will be working from now on keeping the lights on in the capital.

He is beginning an 18-month apprenticeship with UK Power Networks, training as a cable jointer on low voltage electricity cables.

He said: “I didn’t fancy farming in Britain because of the weather and decided to learn a new trade as an electrician.

“I was busy studying part-time to qualify as an electrician when I learnt I had got this job. I enjoy electrics – it’s a good trade and I find it interesting learning how everything works.”-newsshopper