Top Prosecutor Says Harare City Council should arrest people who advertise on trees

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Newly appointed Prosecutor General Ray Goba has criticised Harare City Council for failing to maintain order in the central business district.

In an interview with The Herald, Goba said that Municipal Police were not enforcing the law and called on them to do so without fear or favour. He also said that council should arrest and fine people that advertise on trees. Said Goba:

There is a lot burning all over in urban areas. Cultivation in the cities is slowly becoming a ‘legal right’ when in fact it is an offence in terms of the law. People roast mealies right in the CBD. Driving around town, all trees are pierced with nails for the purposes of placing posters advertising individual businesses. If council police were serious and keen on restoring order, the advertisers who damage trees would have been easily apprehended. They even place their phone numbers and addresses on the posters. Even prophets and traditional healers commit the same offences when marketing their services. One person can have 10 posters on different trees around the city advertising his plumbing or tiling business. For each tree, council can fine the person something like $20 for deterrence.

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