Cancer Survivor Launches Anaka Beauty Range

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by Gift Mawire

A UNITED KINGDOM based businesswoman who bravely fought cancer battle is launching her first beauty range, Anaka – beauty redefined, this week Friday 20th October at Howfield Manor, Chartham, Kent.

Anaka product owner Prisca Chireka

Anaka product owner Prisca Chireka

Prisca Chireka of Canterbury was 8 months pregnant when she was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer.

“We were meeting my doctor to hear the results of the tests that had been carried out the previous week. The longer we waited the more anxious we became. Imagine how shattered I felt when my doctor told me that I had breast cancer, and it was aggressive.”


Receiving the news of a cancer diagnoses was not just devastating, It was a life-changing bolt from the blue, “but I was determined to see my son being born and to look after him. I gave birth to a baby boy and almost immediately started chemotherapy and radiotherapy.”


Prisca’s treatment was followed by surgery to remove the breast that had cancer. It is not easy to lose a breast. “As women, the connections between our bodies, our beauty and our confidence can be powerful. But I was determined not to let this setback defeat me. I knew I needed to break down the barriers and get through this. I had breast reconstruction and got my womanhood back”, said Prisca.


The 39-year-old BeePee salon boss, was given an all clear nearly three years later and now wants to inspire every woman to feel beautiful regardless of what life throws at her.

Prisca, a qualified Nurse passed with flying colours her Advanced Diploma in Beauty Therapy from a local college.

Judges Prisca Chireka, left and Mike Vallance, model Chloe Brett, winner Michael Wilson with his first placed certificate, hairdressing section manager Kim Heath and judge Toby Andrews

In 2011, Prisca was part of a panel of judges made up of Goldwell hairstylist Toby Andrews and Mike Vallance of Back2myroots hairdressing training that was invited by Canterbury College as Industry professionals at their annual hairdressing competition.


In 2007 Prisca and her husband Dr Brighton Chireka, a GP, set up Beepee Medical Services, allowing Zimbabweans abroad to pay for doctor’s appointments, prescription drugs and surgery for relatives at home.