Augustine Chihuri Now In Malawi At His In-Laws’

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Former ZRP commissioner-general Augustine Chihuri, who has failed to attend court and sessions of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines and Energy has been revealed to be in Malawi. The former police boss is said to be recovering from an undisclosed ailment at his wife’s’ family home.

Sources who spoke to the Daily News said,

I want to assure you that man is in Malawi as has been confirmed by some of his relatives. You must know by now that not of all of your relatives will be loyal to you, some will sell you out. The person who confided in us assured us that he was being treated in Malawi, his wife’s home country.

Of course, soon after the new dispensation was established just like all the other politicians linked to the Generation 40 faction he flew to South Africa but not for long because he needed a stable home where he could lay recovering.

Chihuri is aware that there are a lot of people baying for his blood and I doubt that he will return anytime soon. You know that his wife is of Malawian origin and recently he has moved there where he is being treated.