British Peer Peter Hain Arrives In Harare With Zunaid Moti To Meet Ruling Party Zanu PF Government Officials

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Peter Hain, a British peer and prominent anti-corruption campaigner, who recently took up a  special advisor role to the Moti Group of companies arrived in Harare Tuesday afternoon, state broadcaster ZBC has announced.

Joining hands to work together are Lord Peter Hain (front left), Zunaid Moti (front right), Paul O’Sullivan (back left) and Ashruf Kaka (CE of the Moti Group). (Pic: Carin Smith)

Joining hands to work together are Lord Peter Hain (front left), Zunaid Moti (front right), Paul O’Sullivan (back left) and Ashruf Kaka (CE of the Moti Group). (Pic: Carin Smith)

Lord Hain is in the company of Africa Chrome Fields Director, Mr Zunaid Moti. Reports are that they are set to explore investment opportunities in Zimbabwe with the new government that toppled 94-year old Robert Mugabe.

  • British Peer Peter Hain Appointed Special Adviser to South Africa ’s Moti Group Which Has Close Links With Zimbabwe Junta That Toppled Mugabe

According to Mail & Guardian , former British Labour cabinet minister who served under the governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown , Hain recently made headlines in South Africa with his vocal criticism of the corrupt relationship between former president Jacob Zuma and the Gupta family. But his new boss, Moti Group chairman Zunaid Moti, does not exactly enjoy a spotless reputation.

Hain, a renowned anti-apartheid activist who became Neath MP for 24 years and served as a minister in Tony Blair and Gordon Brown’s cabinets, was a robust critic of Mugabe’s regime over human rights issues, corruption and the diamonds mining fiasco in Chiadzwa. He was involved in many debates in the British parliament and House of Lords on Zimbabwe issues.

“My vision is about the environment, sustainability, social responsibility, corporate integrity and creating wealth and opportunities for ordinary citizens of South Africa and Zimbabwe,” Hain said last week.

Hain will also help the Moti Group to identify causes for its Charitable Trust to get involved in and help ACF in its social corporate responsibility activities in Zimbabwe.

Hain told South African media in Cape Town last week that controversies and allegations of bad behaviour against Moti such as a reported international warrant of arrest on him and accusations that he conspired to murder a North West businessman were “false”.

Paul O’Sullivan, who some years ago still wanted to see Moti behind bars, will also be assisting the Moti Group. “We checked each other out a few weeks ago,” Hain told the media about his decision to assist Zunaid Moti and his company. “Paul’s word is like the gospel to me and I think the allegations against (Zunaid) are false.”

Recently , exiled Jonathan Moyo claimed on twitter that Moti handed a briefcase worth $8600  to President Mnangagwa.

“Like his voodoo scarf, takes this Louis Vuitton briefcase everywhere. It was given to him as VP by Zunaid Moti of African Chrome Fields, owned by Moti Group & advised by @PeterHain. It has a hidden GPS tracking & eavesdropping device. He jumped borders in Nov with bag”

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