Mnangagwa Tells Villagers To Scrutinise Visitors In Their Communities

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President Emmerson Mnangagwa told villagers to screen visitors and inform their leaders if they see a stranger in their communities.

He said this while addressing thousands of ZANU PF supporters who had congregated for a rally in Mwenezi on Saturday. Said Mnangagwa:

In this village, you know each other, in this district, you know each other. If anyone that you do not know comes, tell your leader.

Tell your headman that there is a visitor so that we can know why they visited. Whether they come in the night or during the day, your leaders should know that there is a visitor.

That is peace keeping, if you let strangers come here, they will disturb your peace. We must be clever because our enemies are not resting, they are fighting us.

… Those who we fought during the liberation struggle, the whites, they are still fighting so they can claim power again. They have certain people and organisations they are working with.

Those groups and individuals are moving around the country influencing and leading people to be violent.

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