Second-hand vehicles: Mugabe downgrades

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by Staff Reporter

President Robert Mugabe’s office, which recently indicated that it is seeking to purchase a second-hand vehicle for use by one of the departments that falls under this secretive office, has downgraded the requirements as it desperately seek to attract sellers.

Zimbabwe’s DDF Failing

Zimbabwe’s DDF Failing

Traditionally, the norm has always been that all government vehicles are purchased as new.

However in this unusual case the Office of President and Cabinet has been inviting private individuals who are willing to sell to it a used Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle to approach the office as it seeks to acquire a vehicle for use by the District Development Fund (DDF), one of the five agencies that are run directly from President Mugabe’s office.

Initially the tender was for a 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser V8, but after attracting no sellers, the tender has since been downgraded to a “2007 Toyota Land Cruiser V6 or V8”

DDF is a department that is run by the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet and is responsible for the provision and maintenance of rural development infrastructure, resettlement, tillage, transport and other services that are aimed at uplifting the standards of living of rural people.

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