Sulu-Zinara saga rages on

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The dispute between dendera musician Suluman Chimbetu and Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (Zinara) is far from over, it has emerged. Recently Chimbetu accused the road administration body for failing to honour their promises.

Sulu Chimbetu

Sulu Chimbetu

Sulu was appointed brand ambassador in 2013 and was reportedly promised an annual salary, a monthly housing allowance, royalties from advertisements and exemption from paying toll fees.

The musician said the only benefit he got was exemption from paying toll fees.

Zinara spokesperson Augustine Moyo dismissed the musician’s claims saying there was no contract between the two parties.

“Who appointed Sulu? Who promised him a housing allowance? Where is it written in black and white? Sulu came through a third party that was working on Zinara advertising and we as an organisation did not have direct communication with him. There is need for Sulu and his team to come out clean on this one.” said Moyo.

Moyo said discussions on finding the way forward have been hindered by the musician’s decision to vent his grievances via the media.

“I confirm we have had meetings with Sulu, his lawyer and one Mr Masocha to clear the air on this and other issues that he has raised but it now makes it difficult to sit on a round table when he and his team are running to the Press to force us to give a position,” he said.

He said they don’t make decisions based on media reports.

“In every organisation, there are processes and procedures that must be followed and if they confirm they have had meetings with Zinara why then are they rushing to you? We deal with public funds and we account for every dollar that accrues into the road fund and we are not a tuckshop where the owner makes unilateral decisions,” he said.

He said they were not responsible for funding birthday parties.

“Our core business as an organisation is to collect, administer and disburse funds to road authorities for road maintenance and not fund birthday parties,” said Moyo.

Sources said the musician was mulling legal action against Zinara.

“They failed to agree and the musician has since instructed his legal team to institute some sort of action,” said the source.

The musician’s publicist, Joe Nyamungoma, confirmed the development but could not shed more light.

“Yes, there is a misunderstanding and we are hoping to agree so that we don’t go the legal way,” he said.

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