Zimbabwe signs deal to send crocodile, zebra meat to Italy

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by Bloomberg

THE government has signed an agreement with El Badaoui Ltd. to export crocodile and zebra meat to Italy, trade and industry minister Mike Bimha told reporters in the capital, Harare.

Zimbabwe also signed an agreement concerning the manufacture of a prototype car in Zimbabwe, the minister said.

The vehicle, if successful, could be exported throughout Africa, Bimha said, without giving further details.

In August, Bimha led a high-powered delegation of government ministers and officials from relevant ministries and private sector to Italy for the Milano Expo.download

At the time, Bimha said they were going to promote trade and investment into Zimbabwe, especially into the sectors of tourism, agriculture, finance and mining.

The expo was mainly about food security although every effort was made to promote trade and investment.

“We would like to boost intra-Africa trade and make use of the Interim Economic Partnership with the European Union.

“We want to exploit the market offered by the EU because we are a signatory, but the challenge is our capacity to be able to produce enough quantities and good quality, which affects the cost,” Bimha was quoted as saying at the time.