Chigubu to form comedy club

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STAND-UP comedian Clive Chigubu believes that it is time for another comedy club in the city and would form one this year as a way to grow the industry in Bulawayo.

Chigubu is the founder of the city’s first comedy club, Umahlekisa with Ntando Van Moyo three years ago.

The pair had realised that stand up comedy was growing in Harare with nothing being done in Bulawayo yet the city has produced great comedians.

Clive Chigubu

Clive Chigubu

Chigubu, an award winning stand up comedian, said although he was planning to open a new club, he was not leaving Umahlekisa for good.

“This year I want to set up another comedy club in the city besides Umahlekisa. I believe this will encourage the growth of comedy in the city. This doesn’t mean that I’ve left Umahlekisa but the move is just meant to expand comedy scene,” said Chigubu.

“I feel it’s time for me to grow and stand on my own and also help other up and coming comedians on another platform.”

Apart from his new ventures on the comedy scene, Chigubu has released a track Kasi Stories he described as a way to show that he was a versatile artiste.

“When I feel like expressing myself I sometime sing. This is another talent I have besides comedy. Art is an expressive genre and if one can find ways to express themselves its good,” he said.

Chigubu known for his humorous take on township life mixed with funny accounts of his own personal challenges, has taken that humour and put into the song.

“The song is about what happens in the high density suburbs. The poverty, the daily struggles and the shattered dreams of many people who live there. It’s about what I see and what I grew up seeing,” said Chigubu.

“This doesn’t mean I have left comedy it’s just something I do as a side act. After a busy festive period I’ve taken a break and will be back soon. For now I’m working on video clips that’ll be spread through social media. The first one will be out on Friday,” said Chigubu.

He said also for this year, he was planning to hold a one many show which he described as long overdue.

“I’ve been saying that I’m going to do a one man show but it hasn’t materialised so this year that’s my main focus among other things. However looking for sponsors isn’t easy especially in this harsh economic climate. I’ve to raise $3,000 for my one man show,” said Chigubu.

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