Nigerian Man arrested for killing another Nigerian over Zimbabwean girl in Cyprus

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A certain Nigerian student, one Ebinabo Mendeinyo, was on December 26, stabbed to death in Cyprus by another Nigerian, Udumioh Jerry, fondly called MC Jerry.jerry-386x381

North Cyprus police debunked earlier claims that the deceased jumped from the 6th floor of his apartment building out of fear when some unidentified boys confront him, according to reports by Daily Mail. Pointing out that they found stab wounds on his body.

MC Jerry, who doubles as a comedian and event host, was the first person the police arrested in connection with the murder.

According to the report, Jerry, a popular comedian and event host, resident in Cyprus as the deceased, was the first person the police arrested in connection with the murder.

Although the reason for the murder is yet to be ascertained, a police source alleged that the fight started on Christmas Eve at a certain party, allegedly over a Zimbabwean girl.

It was said that an unidentified person got stabbed at the club that night and the following day, the fight was allegedly taken to the victim’s student apartment.

Ebinabo, reports revealed, was believed to have been stabbed multiple times by about six boys alleged to be fellow Nigerians.

They allegedly first drove to his friend’s house, kidnapped him and forced him to take them to the house. They made him knock so that the victim would open the door without suspecting.

However, when Ebinabo opened the door, he was allegedly stabbed and his throat slit.

Meanwhile, the police reportedly revealed that Jerry had been charged with murder, trespassing, kidnapping and serious assault.