#Thisflag campaign :Tafadzwa Musarara’s Child Abuse, Brutal Attack On Girlfriend Exposed

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ZANU PF activist and Supa Mandiwanzira’s pal Mr Tafadzwa Musarara who early this week doned a political analyst rob during an live radio talk at ZiFM to attack #This Flag  revolution founder Pastor Evan Mawarire, is exposed in a horrific case of girlfriend battery and child abuse,it has been reported.

Tafadza Musarara

Tafadza Musarara

Musarara victim

Musarara victim

Musarara , a well connected Zanu PF apologist , impregnated a girl in December 2014, in a grisly case, which has dragged on for months in the courts, full of drama and has seen the gross tampering of court files and procedures, an online publication  has reported.

The mother of his child, name withheld, has over several months relentlessly appealed to expose a violent boyfriend who furthermore now refuses paternity to his child.

Much drama surrounding the conducting of paternity tests, have seen Musarara ducking behind court officials as he continues under impunity.

Details revealed show that Musarara is fingered for allegedly beating up the woman sometime in November last year weeks after the baby was born. Pictures of her countenance show a bloodied battered face with injuries that could have easily left her blind.

Court records show Musarara had until a botched court case last month, been paying maintenance for his child.

“He was paying $150 per month but has suddenly stopped,” the baby’s mother said.

Drama ensued in the March court hearing when the mother was blocked from presenting her official submissions.

“The judge did not at all give me the opportunity to make my presentation.

“I was still speaking while showing that Tafadzwa has been paying $150, that figure cannot just be revised down to $50, when the judge interrupted me saying Tafadzwa will no longer pay anything until paternity tests are completed,” she said.

Picture facials show the baby is a replica of the man. The paternity tests battle continues.

Approached for a comment, Musarara has remained mum over the damning revelations. -Online