Musonza threatens to kill wife over love portions

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A man flew into a rage after he found some love portions stashed in mealie meal. portion

Stanley Musonza of Ntabazinduna wanted to make sadza when he stumbled on the love portions. His wife Evelyn Nkomazana thought the portions could help her tame her violent man.

Nkomazana has now gone to the courts seeking a protection order against him. She said her violent husband had also threatened to axe her to death.

“My husband is very violent and is in the habit of beating me up everyday in front of our children. Recently he threatened to kill me with an axe claiming he has the right to inherit my first and late husband’s estate.

“He is also chasing me out of the house accusing me of being a witch. We have approached Chief Ndiweni on several occasions to have him reprimanded,” said Nkomazana.

Musonza in his response, accused his wife of wanting to concoct his meal with a love potion so that he becomes submissive to her.

“What she said is not true. I had never beaten her and the last time we went to Chief Ndiweni was after we had an argument. This was after I had confronted her over some phone numbers I found in her phone and suspected were of her boyfriends.

“Another issue is that when I took some mealie-meal to cook isitshwala I was shocked when I found some love herbs stashed inside. Investigations later revealed that she wanted to use those love herbs on me since she is always accusing me of harassing her,” said Musonza.

Nkomazana however, dismissed her husband’s accusations that she wanted to use the herbs to contain his violent behaviour.


In his ruling presiding magistrate Manasa Musiiwa, however, ordered Musonza not to verbally and physically abuse his wife. b metro