Mawarire Arrested

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The Zimbabwe People First National Spokesperson, Jealous Mawarire has been arrested on yet to be disclosed charges.jelous-Mawarire-271x300

Mawarire who spoke to  handed himself over to the police at Harare Central Police Station, this morning at 10 am after being summoned to the police’s law and order section.

He handed himself while in the company of his wife and Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights lawyer, Dzimbabwe Chimbga.

Police have not been able to disclose what he has been arrested for but Mawarire indicated its an issue involving Jonathan Moyo.

Mawarire joins scores of Zimbabweans being victimised by the state for their political views. President Robert Mugabe has threatened to deal harshly with those who challenge his tight grip on power. Among those arrested on trumped up charges include Mugabe’s former allies war veteran leaders, political activists, journalists and scores of ordinary Zimbabweans. Ironically top on Mugabe’s most wanted list is another Mawarire #ThisFlag pastor who was forced to flee Zimbabwe because of state harassment.

Mawarire is spokesperson of the Mujuru led party which in recent weeks has been under siege with reports of supporters homes being torched.