Shock as CIO bashes prosecutor over flag

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Walking through the streets of Chiredzi when flags are coming down for the day has become a source of fear for residents as members of the President’s Office in the town are notorious for beating up anyone who doesn’t stop and stand at attention when this process takes
Civilians are humiliated, kicked and slapped in public and the area near NSSA Building which houses the Central Intelligence offices in Chiredzi is deserted from around 4:30 to 5pm when flags come down, said several sources who declined to be named.
Last week, Edmore Mbavarira, the prosecutor in-charge at Chiredzi Magistrate`s court was allegedly bashed by a CIO operative only identified as Muyambo for walking while the flag was being brought down at the NSSA offices.
The matter has since been reported to the Police and Muyambo faces arrest.
Mbavarira confirmed the assault but refused to comment further.
Witnesses and other staff members at the court confirmed the assault and said Mbavarira had filed a Police report at Chiredzi Police Station. The witnesses said the assault happened on Friday some minutes after 5pm when the Fawcett Security guards at NSSA building which houses CIO offices were removing the national flag.
Mbavarira did not notice that the flag was being taken down and stopped later but it was too late as an operative as Muyambo started to assault him with open hands and fists on his face.
“It was at around past 5pm when the flag was being removed by security guards at NSSA and I stopped after seeing many people standing. Mbavarira was walking from the other side and all of a sudden I saw him being assaulted by a guy whom I later learnt is from the President`s Office.
“The assault was so open that everyone who was on the road saw it and according to sources it was not the first time to have people assaulted. Our question is do we have any people who are above the law to the extent of publicly assaulting people because of a flag” said the witness who requested not to be named.
The assault of Mbavarira by the operative is one among many assaults which were publicly perpetrated since May this year. People in Chiredzi CBD are now running away from the CBD before closing of business fearing harassment from the operatives during removal time of the flag at NSSA.