Gokwe man catches wife pants down, collapses

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In an incident that has left tongues wagging under Chief Nemangwe’s area in Gokwe, a man collapsed after catching his wife in her birthday suit with another man in a compromising position.

The man Tobias Mapfumo of Majaji village was left dump when he found his wife Martha Makaya moaning and groaning naked on their matrimonial bed with another man.

Sources close to the action scene chronicled the whole drama to Zim News crew.

“This is not the first time his wife has cheated on him. In fact her cheating has become more of a lifestyle rather than an event. Sadly Mapfumo used to trust his wife and casted a blind eye on her infidelity,” said a source who chose to remain anonymous.

The source said Mapfumo is a cross border trader who spends most of his time out of the country.

According to the source it was during these trips that the wife started cheating.

“Now she has become more of a sexual addict and cannot stop even when her husband is in the country. Thank God this came to an end before it got out of hand. Mapfumo was tipped of his wife’s ‘games’ and trapped her,” she said.

The source said Mapfumo was at a local bar when he received the tip off from a friend.

She said he quickly hurried home only to find the shock of his life.

“He (Mapfumo) fainted before saying even a single word. That was when the man in his house grabbed his clothes and ran away,” she added.

Mapfumo then woke up minutes later after a large crowd gathered at his home.

Chief Nemangwe confirmed the incident but however could not further comment as he said the matter was still to be heard at the traditional community court.

“I have heard of the matter but l’m yet to arraign the case. For now l cannot comment or give further details until the issue is resolved at the courts,” he said.

Chief Nemangwe said harlotry is not accepted in the Zimbabwean community. He said if a wife cheats on her husband, the hubby has the right to call for a divorce.