Daring thief steals phones as couple makes love

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A NOTORIOUS burglar who targeted the rich and famous in Masvingo’s affluent suburb of Rhodene revealed how he stole two mobile phones from a couple’s home while the two were making love in the lounge.

Bright Muteki will now spend the next two years in prison after being convicted on house breaking charges done in a space of one month.

Muteki, 35, of no fixed abode, was convicted on his own plea of guilty when he appeared before magistrate Peter Madiba.

He told the court that he used the oldest trick in the book of entering his victims’ premises during the day and monitoring their movements before walking away with laptops, television sets and mobile phones.

Muteki even revealed how he stole two mobile phones from a couple’s bedroom while they were busy making love in the lounge.

Property worth over $3 000 dollars was stolen from April to 15 May this year and only property worth $855 was recovered.

Muteki was initially sentenced to 27 months imprisonment but three months of his sentence was suspended as he did not waste the court’s time by pleading guilty on all counts.

Prosecutor Costa Sesenyane told the court that from April this year, police noticed a surge in house breaking cases in Rhodhene and its surrounding areas and initiated investigations.

Muteki was arrested on May 15 around midnight as he was coming from Farai Kakono’s house while stashing groceries worth $35 in a satchel.

Upon being interrogated by the police, Muteki admitted that he was also responsible for all other house breaking cases reported in the suburb during the month of April and took the officers to all houses from where he had stolen.-NewZim