WATCH: Bus conductor gets leg broken in nasty fight with traffic cops

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Harare – Police in Zimbabwe say they will investigate a case of alleged brutality by officers in central Harare after a conductor they were wrestling with had his leg broken under the wheel of his own bus.

In the video the conductor kicks metal spikes away from the wheels while being manhandled by two police officers. But as one officer wrestles with him, the bus moves off and that’s when the man’s left foot appears to be run over.

Watch the video below

The man collapses in the middle of the road as people gather around to witness the scene. Other officers join their colleagues and they whistle for another commuter bus to stop to take the injured man away. There is a roar of pain as the police officers lift him and his left foot appears to hang limp.

One of the by-standers in the video can be heard to shout, “police brutality”.

The video, which has been viewed more than 120 000 times since it was first posted on Friday, has provoked anger from ordinary Zimbabweans on social media.

Police spokesperson Charity Charamba told state ZBC radio on Thursday that police were investigating the incident.

“As it stands it is very difficult to comment on a video on social media which has not been reported at any of our police stations,” she said.

“It is being investigated but we also want that complainant to come forward.”

The use of metal spikes by police at checkpoints is controversial as the spikes sometimes cause accidents.