Zimbabwean man who took viagra fined beast for assaulting his wife for refusing him anal sex

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 A 22- year-old man who claims to have been drunk when he assaulted his wife for refusing him anal sex has been fined a beast by Chief Mapiravana.
Nyasha Shoko of Maidza village under Chief Mapiravana is alleged to have used a belt to assault his wife (name withheld) for refusing to take his demands. Sources said Shoko had earlier in the day taken Viagra (vhukavhuka) supplied by an elder in the village.
Chief Mapiravana confirmed the case to The Mirror and added that the incident happened on August 3, 2017.
“I summoned Shoko after a report was made by his in-law that he had assaulted his wife for refusing such an unholy act. When he came here he said he was under the influence of beer and did not know what had gotten into,” said the Chief Mapiravana.
During a drinking spree on the day, Shoko is said to have asked a village elder for traditional medicine to boost his libido.
The accused is said to have sex with the wife the whole night and the overworked spouse refused when he finally demanded anal sex.-mirror