Housemaid sexually abuses employer’s 7-year-old son

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A  HOUSEMAID who shared the same bed with her employer’s seven-year-old son appeared in court this week on charges of sexually assaulting the minor.

Choice Tembo, 19, would stimulate the boy’s privates before placing him on top of her and quenching her sexual appetite.
The minor is suspected to have acquired a sexually-transmitted infection and results of a medical examination are yet to be established.

Tembo appeared before Harare magistrate Josephine Sande charged with aggravated indecent assault.
She was advised to approach the High Court for bail since she faces a third schedule offence.

The State alleged that between August and September this year Tembo shared the same bedroom with the victim.
The court heard that on the first occasion the juvenile retired to bed early and Tembo later followed.

It was alleged that when Tembo arrived in the room she found the minor fast asleep and began removing his underwear.
She allegedly began fondling the boy’s privates and woke him up before placing him on top of her.

The court heard that Tembo forced the juvenille’s privates into hers and made up-and-down movements in the process.
After the act Tembo placed the juvenile beside her and they both fell asleep.

It is the State’s case that Tembo used the same modus operandi and sexually abused the seven-year-old on five more occasions.

The offence came to light after the juvenile’s mother noticed that her son continuously scratched his privates.
The mother confronted her son about the issue and he revealed that he started feeling the itchiness after Tembo sexually abused him.

The matter was referred to the police and Tembo was subsequently arrested.
The juvenile was referred for medical examinations and an affidavit compiled will be produced during trial.-WP