Chinese Businessman Appears In Court For Assaulting Zimbabwean Employee

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A Chinese businessman, who allegedly assaulted one of his employees using the butt of a pistol, has appeared at the Harare Magistrates Court charged with assault as well as violating the firearms act.
Khang Guide of Obrim Bricks, Mt Hampden is alleged to have found the victim Didymus Kadzviti seated around 2100 hrs instead of performing his duties which incensed the Chinese national. Guide allegedly kicked Kadzviti on the right leg and also hit him with a pistol at the back.
The two, according to court papers, wrestled with each other and Kadzviti was overpowered. During the melee, Guide corked his pistol and fired a single shot towards Kadzviti but missed.
Kadzviti ran away with the accused person in pursuit firing four more shots towards him. The incident was witnessed by other workers whom the State wants to call to testify.
Magistrate Josephine Sande remanded Guide to 11 December 2017 for commencement of trial after granting the Chinse nations $50 and ordered him to report to the police once every fortnight.
This was after the State led Sebastian Mutizirwa unsuccessfully opposed bail on the condition that he was a flight risk. Mutizirwa told the court that Guide had an air ticket for him to travel to Beijing via Addis Ababa on Tuesday. He said the Chinese national was not a proper candidate for bail after he attempted to skip the country but was only stopped by Inspector Matsilele, the Officer in Charge at Marlborough Police Station.
The matter is being investigated at the Malborough Police Station.