Zanu PF Apologist Chief Charumbira Out of Order Judgement Published

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Now the Election Resources Centre which brought the case to the High Court says he must be fired…

The chief who is President of the Chief’s Council urged other chiefs in a meeting to continue supporting Zanu (PF) which is a violation of the constitution. More details here.

Surely someone who violated the constitution in such a manner ought to resign from the public bodies he serves on, such as the chief’s council tweeted Tawanda Chimhini, the director of ERC.

Zimbabwe is heading for elections and chiefs so-called headmen have been accused of campaigning for Zanu (PF) which has in turn used state resources to curry favour with them by providing them SUV and allowances over and above their entitlements.

The judgement has call on the Minister of Local Government to discipline the chief in the fist such case, and the country will be waiting with bated breath for what kind of discipline it will be, which would send a message to other chiefs around the country to stop being partisan.

Ideally it should be well publicised by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) which is responsible for ensuring a climate of free and fair elections, but it’s chairperson, Judge Priscilla Chigumba, has already shown a proclivity to support the ruling party, most recently saying her commission is under no obligation disclose in advance who the suppliers of ballot papers for the general elections are.

She said electoral management body did not have to involve political parties in its procurement processes, which goes against the spirit of the African Charter on Democracy and Governance as we reported here.

Her commission and other commission and other government commission, which are constitutional commissions with highly paid and resources commissioners and staff, like the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) and Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) have all been accused of being slow to respond to cases and issues brought to them.

According to Heal Zimbabwe, it’s Community Peace Clubs, Community Based Organisations (CBOs) and a Women Safe Space for Reconciliation (WSSR)  in Chipinge (wards 1,3,16 and 17) and Buhera ward 33 there were lethargic responses by the ZEC to act decisively on the rampant collection of serial numbers of voter registration slips by Traditional leaders and ZANU PF structures.

“We are very worried that ZEC has not acted or even recommended for prosecution of people who are forcing community members to submit serial numbers of voter registration slips. This is a form of intimidation”, said one community member.

Buhera ward 33 Councillor, Edwin Mabika also weighed in and highlighted that independent Commissions such as the ZHRC had not even started investigating reported cases of human rights violations.

“We have reported numerous reports through the facilitation of Heal Zimbabwe to the ZHRC but to date no investigations or arrests have been conducted, this is worrisome,” he said.

Community members further appealed to the NPRC to swiftly establish early warning and early response mechanisms at ward level to monitor and respond to cases of political violence. Community members also challenged the Government to do more to ensure that the 2018 elections are conducted in a free, fair and peaceful environment.

All these village sentiments are being ignored by a government that is so panicking about the MDC Alliance challenge that it has also awarded a new TV licence to Zimbabwe Newspapers, which already controls the national daily newspapers, The Herald and the Chronicle, both of which has proved to be sycophantic in their reporting in support of the ruling party.

The current national TV licence is held by Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings, or ZBC which has made it it’s policy not to report on the opposition unless it is a negative story, and not to report any negative stories about Zanu (PF).

In return the executives are awarded high salaries and allowances, paid for by the licence fee holders who are not getting any value for their money.-Zimpush