Exam leaks:Unsuspecting students sold fake papers

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by TZN Correspondent

Fraudsters simulated ZIMSEC examination questions in recently reported  examination leaks, and sold on the market to unsuspecting cheating students, the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Lazarus Dokora has said.

“They simulated ZIMSEC examination questions. In fact, the Mathematics Paper was coded as 4028 and the fake paper was circulating as 4008 and was being sold as the examination paper”,said DokoraZimbabwe-Examination

“The content totally was unrelated, but people were making money out of the crazy notion that they wanted to have access to the paper”, he added.

Dokora said this while responding to a question  by  Glen View North MP Mr Fani Munengami (MDC-T) who had asked why the  issue of exam leaks has persisted .

“My Question is directed to the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Hon. Dokora. Madam Speaker, Hon. Dokora once assured this House on the issue of exam leaks. He actually assured that this year there were not going to be any leaks again. However, that is not the situation on the ground. We have heard people who have appeared in court facing charges on exam leaks. Rumours are moving around that those leaked papers are going to be re-written again. So, can the Minister explain to this House whether these rumours are correct or false – if it is true that those papers are going to be re-written, especially Mathematics Paper 1 and 2″, said Munengami.


“I would like to thank the Hon. Member for the second part to the question. The first part had almost alarmed me, whether I will be coming to Parliament to answer on rumours or to treat the business of the House as a serious matter?

The fact of the matter which the Hon. Member asks us to comment is the leakage which took place, extended to some 32 persons and the 32 persons were accounted for fully. The source of that irritation in the system has been accounted for including those that were accomplices in the process. The implication of the activities of that one person and her accomplice do not extend to a massive misconduct or breach of examinations. One or two provinces, what was circulated during the time of the examination was a fake creation of craftsmen who were making money out of innocent examination candidates”, Dokora added.