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Damaged condom sparks trouble as hubby goes beserk after wife got pregnant

by reporter263
Mutsa Chimbetete

A DANGAMVURA man went berserk last week and stripped naked in front of his in-laws over allegations that his wife was cheating on him.

The irate hubby also scalded his son with hot water on the private parts and cut his brother-in-law’s right cheek with a knife as he literally went out of control.

Mutsa’s brother Carlos Chimbetete

Narrating her sad ordeal to The Weekender last Friday, Mutsa Chimbetete (38) said she was also bashed by her husband, Patrick Mutepfa (40) in the ensuing fracas.

She said all hell broke loose when she asked Mutepfa why he deliberately broke a condom and impregnated her.

The couple has six children together.

Chimbetete said Mutepfa, who is a kombi driver cut her with a broken beer bottle just before he left their matrimonial home with his belongings.

Patrick mutepfa

The five-month pregnant woman had to seek refuge at Dangamvura Police Station.

“He tempered with the condom that we used and I got pregnant. When I confronted him, he became defensive and started accusing me of promiscuity. He accused me of having an affair with my own brother and attacked our 20-year-old son over the issue.

“My husband attacked my brother and cut him with a knife on his right cheek before scalding our son with hot water. He then stripped naked in front of my mother and crashed our television set before leaving the house fuming with anger,” narrated Chimbetete.

The victim of the knife attack, Carlos, was taken to the Mutare Provincial Hospital where he was treated.

Mutsa shows some her bruised body parts

When interviewed, Carlos said the attack was vicious and added that the horror he experienced at the hands of his in-law would haunt him forever.

“I saw Mutepfa packing his belongings after he had assaulted my sister and so I confronted him and asked why he was behaving violently and intending to leave his matrimonial home. That is when he took out a knife and attacked me. he shouted at me saying I was the one who had broken his marriage. He attacked me and left me lying in a pool of blood. I have since made a police report,” he said.

Chimbetete continued: “I have six children with him and when I wanted to have a permanent family planning method, he refused and said he still wanted more children. Knowing that I would not be intimate with him again without any protection since he has many lovers, he broke the condom. I have since approached the courts for a protection order against him.”

Mutepfa has since been brought to court over the assault on his wife and son.

The matter will come for trail on August 9.-ManicaPost

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