Edith Chibhamu Partners With US Billionaire To Build 7 Star Hotel In Zimbabwe

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BILLIONAIRE investor, Kenneth Bordewick has partnered Zimbabwe-born and Dubai-based businesswoman, Edith Chibhamu, to invest in a hotel in Zimbabwe.

The US$50 million deal will see the 7-star hotel built in the middle of a game park.

Edith Chibhamu

“We are building a seven-star hotel in Zimbabwe in the middle of a game park,” Chibhamu told NewsDay Business via WhatsApp.

“The land is 1 000 hectares so in there we are going to put a game park. More like a garden of Eden.”

She said the proposed land was in Harare, along the Mutare highway, with the piece having already been purchased.

Chibhamu will be investing 25% into the project while Bordewick will put the rest and is expected to take one year for completion.

“In one year, it will be complete as we will be using modern technology for the construction,” Chibhamu said.

The game park will act as the main attraction for the planned seven-star hotel with Chibhamu already in the process of applying for the necessary paperwork to start building the proposed establishment.

Bordewick confirmed the investment in the hotel and game park as well as the partnership with Chibhamu.

He said the reason why he chose to invest in Zimbabwe was the potential the country had.

“I met Edith while I was in Dubai and we were discussing animal conservation and protecting the wildlife which is what led us into partnering to create a hotel in Zimbabwe. I feel Zimbabwe has beautiful wildlife and intelligent people which is something we need to exploit,” he said.

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