Be cautious on the roads: Charambas

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Traffic Safety Ambassadors Pastor Charles and Olivia Charamba have pleaded with motorists to exercise caution when travelling during these holidays. The gospel couple hailed authorities for the efforts they are making to improve safety on the roads.CHARAMBAS1

“As efforts are being made to improve safety on our roads, we also want to encourage road users to be more conscious of their actions this festive season.

“Let us aim for an accident-free Christmas and New Year by undertaking an extra homework that equips us with the necessary reminders of safe travel,” said Pastor Charamba.

He emphasised on drink-free driving.

“We continue to say ‘Kana makafarisa, makawanza mufaro musatyairewo mota’. Happiness, if uncontrolled can be fatal.

“We add, ‘Kana makarwadziswa, muchinge magumburwa, musatyairewo mota’. It is advisable to seek assistance from sober persons to drive us when we are in such situations.

“It’s not so good trying to solve a problem while risking your life in the process, consequently there can be double jeopardy,” he said.

Avoid over-loading

The “Machira Chete” hit-maker challenged public transport operators to avoid overloading.

“Overloading is yet another challenge that characterise most of our festive travel.

“People want to move in large numbers at the same time.

“We normally say our vehicle is very intact and strong and in the process overloading it with passengers and goods.

“We should kindly be reminded to adhere to the recommended load weight as prescribed by vehicle inspectors, or even the manufacturers,” he said.

 Roadblocks and checkpoints

With the authorities having announced the mounting of roadblocks and checkpoints, the musician reminded the nation not to be found wanting.

“Finally, we are reminded to carry out a proper check on emergency service tools such as reflective triangles, jacks and reflective clothing in case we have a breakdown.

“Many times we see tree branches left lying on the road after being used to alert fellow road users of vehicle breakdown and this poses great harm to others as they may panic on first sight of such objects,” he said.

Several musicians yesterday joined the veteran gospel musician in urging the nation to be cautious on the festive season.