Pictures: Zimbabwean Celebrities and their famous dads

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1.Selmor Mtukudzi and her dad Legend Oliver Mtukudzi Selmor had the toughest job, to make it as a successful musician with a last name like hers. She has gone to dominate the chats and become an international ambassador for ONE Campaign. She is been featured on CNN and traveled the world performing.


2. Zororo Makamba and his dad Business Mogul James Makamba Zororo has made a name for himself as radio talk host, television presenter and successfully launched one of the most exciting TV shows to come out of Zimbabwe ;Tonight With Zororo, which is currently showing on DSTV.


3. Ruvhi Pari and her dad Health and Child Care Minister Dr David Parirenyatwa Ruvhi has managed to make a name for herself in the media industry. A successful talk show host on ZiFM, she is been named one of the most influential Zimbabwean young people.


4. Guspy Warrior and his dad Legendary Gospel Singer Mechanic Manyeruke Guspy Warrior is a household name in Zim Dancehall. He has made a name for himself as an artist with few people knowing who his father is.


5. Ammara Brown and her dad Legendary Singer Andy Brown Ammara is one of the hottest music acts of the new school in Zimbabwe right now. Whilst you can’t run away from your name, she has comfortably grown into becoming her own as an artist and actress.


6. Peter Moyo and his dad Sungura King Tongai Moyo There was a lot of pressure on Peter to become just like his father when he passed away. He took his time and now he is a successful artist in his own right.


7. Sulumani Chimbetu and his dad Sungura Royalty Simon Chimbetu Sulu as he is well known has become a well celebrated artist in Zimbabwe. He might remind many of his father but there is no doubt his success is his own hard work.