Shock as 15 year old Zimbabwean girl auctions sex to suitor with the bigger organ

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 Wonders ,they shall never end!A 15 year old girl from West Nicholson in Matabeleland South province reportedly “auctioned” her sexual services to two suitors by asking them to display their sexual organs so that she could choose the bigger of the two to satisfy her sexual desires.

The girl whose name is being withheld for legal reasons and doing form three at a nearby secondary school allegedly stunned people with her “freedom of choice” of preferring a lover who is sexually gifted with a big “one-eyed monster”

It is reported that on two separate occasions,the alleged sex-crazed girl asked her two admirers to parade their essentials before her so she could freely choose one with a bigger size capable of quenching her sexual appetite.

As per her request the two suitors reportedly paraded organs and the one with the bigger size won the girl’s heart .

Out of anger and as is always the case with losing candidates ,the one who lost to the biggest bidder went and reported the matter to the girl’s grandmother .

The shocking matter was also later brought to the attention of the village head ,Moses Ndlovu who confirmed it saying though it was brought to his attention by other villagers, he treated it as a family matter since the girl’s parents had not approached him over it.

“The girl’s grandmother has since instructed her mother to take her out of the village and change her school as she was likely to be laughed by other pupils who got wind of the embarrassing incident ,” said a family member who continued pleading to have her name not published.

Source-B metro