Shock as Zimbabwe woman charges hubby for sex

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A HARARE woman demands payment from her husband each time they have sexual intercourse because the latter did not pay lobola for her, the Civil Court has heard.

This matter came to light yesterday when Nyaradzo Bibi approached magistrate Marehwanazwo Gofa seeking a peace order against Catherine Marwozvi, whom she said is her husband’s girlfriend.

Bibi made the application after she failed to get maintenance from her ex-husband, who is now staying with Marwozvi.

Bibi claimed that Marwozvi had told her that the husband does not have money because she (Marwozvi) charges him for sexual intercourse since he had not yet paid bride price for her.

However, Bibi’s application for a peace order was rejected and instead the magistrate advised her to seek a protection order after establishing that Marwozvi is now the current wife and Bibi is an ex-wife.

“She is your ex-husband’s wife and not girlfriend, so you can only be protected under a protection order,” Gofa said.

The court further heard that Marwozvi was in the habit of influencing Bibi’s children to turn against her while promising to buy them bicycles and taking them to boarding school.

“She says I do not have a marriage certificate with my husband and also that I am a pauper and, therefore, I do not have rights,” Bibi said.