Robert Mugabe finally to be grand dad… at 92

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By TZN Correspondent

HARARE-President Robert Mugabe is set to officially become a grandfather at the ripe age of 92, after his daughter, Bona, appeared in the public for the first time wearing a maternity dress.

Bona  together with her husband, Simba Chikore, appeared at a public event in Harare where her ageing father was officiating at the launch of a book in memory of the late Tanzania President Julius Nyerere

Bona Mugabe and hubby Simba Chikore are expecting

Bona Mugabe and hubby Simba Chikore are expecting

Although it could not be immediately established when the pregnancy could be due, from pictures and video footage of the event, Bona appeared heavily pregnant, meaning that if all goes well, Mugabe will become a granddad as early at the first quarter of this year, an official sign of ageing in the African culture.

Bona got married to Chikore in March 2014 at a colourful wedding in Harare, but since then, she had shown no signs of pregnancy triggering speculation that the couple could be having fertility challenges.

Although it is known that Mugabe has had a number of children from secret affairs he has had in the past, nothing is known about these children, most of whom are known to be older than Bona, who was also born from an adulterous affairs Mugabe had with his then secretary, before the couple got married in 1996.