Mariah Agrees Showbiz Is Too White, Too Male

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MARIAH Carey has told Sky News that the entertainment industry needs to do more to advance the cause of women and minorities.

The American star, regarded as the best-selling female artist of all time, is due to embark on her first tour of the UK in 13 years.

And Ms Carey, who has just announced her engagement to Australian billionaire James Packer, says she supports those saying showbusiness is too white and male.

She said: “It is true. People have very valid points. There is not enough diversity.

“I don’t think women get a fair deal on anything compared to guys. It is a difficult subject, I have my own opinions and I don’t want to offend anyone but women and minorities have had to fight to get equal opportunities for ages so how can you not agree?”

She also gave her support to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

She said: “I’m just an entertainer but you know I’m a fan of Hillary Clinton and, of course, I would love to see a woman president.”

On the subject of Republican front-runner Donald Trump though she was less forthcoming. “I’d like to abstain from that question,” she laughed.

The star’s Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour will kick off in Glasgow in March and take in stops in Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff and the 02 Arena in London. She will also visit mainland Europe and South Africa.

She says it will take fans on a journey back through the greatest hits of a career that has seen her sell 220 million records.

And they will see a different performer to the one who visited in 2003.

“I think I’m a little bit more comfortable on stage. I’ve become a little more comfortable in my own skin if that makes sense,” she said.

“It is much more fun when you just talk to the audience. Most people don’t have the same relationship with their fans, maybe I’m wrong, but I talk to the fans when I’m on stage, like being at home, you want them to be excited, not sitting around the TV, for me it is all about the connection with the fans.”

She said she wanted fans to feel nostalgic for hits like Fantasy and Vision Of Love, and added they “should expect the unexpected”.

She was a little less willing to discuss plans for that wedding, even as she showed off her now-famous 35-carat engagement ring.

She joked: “Oh yeah, let’s just tell it all.

“No, I’m keeping it to myself until we have the actual ceremony because we want it to be private.”