Soul Jah Love Valentine’s Day Bombshell : I survived being dumped at childhood

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Chanter Soul Jah Love has just had a hair cut ready for the launch of his new album.

He said he has learnt harsh lessons in his life.
“Experience is the best teacher, I am a human being and I make mistakes but I have learnt my lesson and I want to apologise to all those who I have wronged in the past and am now trying to reform and start on a new page.”

Jah Love told Star FM in an interview he was never the same after he lost his mother at a tender age of just 15 months.

“I grew up like a dumped child. At times I believe if my mother had been around for me I would have avoided making some of the mistakes I have made in life, I would have avoided some of the naughty behaviours I have become known for.

“My father went on to marry another woman after 10 years but I never got that motherly love from her.

“That’s why I sang the song ‘Dai Hupenyu Hwaitengwa’. I will be singing about what is on my heart, indeed if life could be bought I would surely save up money and buy my mother’s life back.”

Soul Jah Love is launching his upcoming album ‘Dai Hupenyu Hwaitengwa’ on the eve of Valentine’s Day.

“I simply sing about my experiences on this album and you won’t hear me singing about a double story mansion, I don’t have or a posh car. But, I will sing of people destroying my home because I went through it.

“2016 is going to be a massive year and I encourage all people to come through to Mbare on Saturday before they kiss their loved ones on Valentine’s Day on Sunday.” -Online