Meet Guy Halls, Zimbabwean musical genius rocking UK

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Guy Halls is a professional guitarist who lived in South Africa for twenty seven years. He is now based in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. With over 30 years of experience of live performances, his repertoire combines Latin, Pop, Jazz and Nuevo Flamenco. Guy is the ideal choice for weddings, functions, parties, concerts, tapas nights, restaurants, corporate events and other special occasions.


Guy Halls was born and grew up in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia). His early musical influence came from his home life and at an early age of 6 years old started to learn the guitar. By the age of 13 and through his formative schooling years, he became self taught on the guitar and performed a number of times at school events. On leaving school he embarked on a career in the British South Africa Police and found that he had very little time for performing. He resigned after four years of service. He started performing again and formed the band ‘Albatross’ with his friends Chris Beversluis (Drums/Vocals), Gary Clark (Guitar/Vocals) and Martin Keane (Bass). Later joined the band ‘Pulp’ as a bassist, but within the re- organising of the band, he changed to vocals, rhythm and lead guitarist. Phil Heath (Guitar/vocals) Andy Bate (Drums) and Steve Flynn (vocals) In between, Guy played the guitar in a number of musical stage productions for Harare Reps Theatre. He relocated to Cape Town, South Africa. Due to his family commitments, it took a while to become re-established and eventually he started performing again in duos and ‘cover’ bands that performed in Cape Town’s clubs, pubs and venues. He became very involved in Cape Town’s music scene and was a member and committee member of the long established Barleycorn Music Club. In 2003 Guy took his passion of Latin rhythms a step further. He put rock bands and rock music aside and focused on the warmth of the acoustic nylon guitar. Being a multi-instrumentalist, percussion, bass guitar and keyboards, he started producing home recordings of his original compositions. Guy frequently collaborates with Adrian Smale and performs as a guitar duo called “Guitarras Nuevo” Guy has distinguished himself as a composer and recording artist with his albums, “Jenny” and “Simply In Love” which are available for download as full albums or individual tracks.12698532_10153177072956503_8840685483793054205_o