Ex-Rhodesia farmer Walker celebrates 90 years young

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Lynn Walker has just celebrated her 90th birthday with family and friends.
Her five children, grandchildren (and a few great-grandchildren) traveled from Holland, England, Oregon, Colorado and Austin to host a birthday party for their “mum”. Many of Lynn’s bridge friends from bridge studios in East Texas attended the party at the Dottie Pirkle Bridge Studio in Athens.
Lynn is a Life Master Bridge player with over 2,500 ACBL points. However, bridge is a very small part of her big life. Talking to her, you would never know she is a native of Utah as she has a British/African accent.
She met her husband, Bob, when skiing in Colorado. He was a graduate of Colorado School of Mines.
Bob played for the Los Angeles Rams for one season and then they left the United States. They traveled around the world as Bob worked on the oil rigs in Bahrain, the Persian Gulf, Holland and the Middle and Far East while Lynn kept the fires burning in Hague, Holland.
They later moved to Brazil where Bob continued his work as an oil engineer working on rigs in various parts of the country.
After a short return to Dallas with their five children, they moved to Libya and then to Rhodesia where they switched from the oil industry to farming and where Lynn became world renowned for her work in breeding dairy cows for better production of milk.
They learned a great deal about breeding both in the United States and Israel. She now lives in Brownsboro on the original farm she and her husband built in East Texas after they fled Rhodesia. Lynn continued in business after her husband passed away… continuing to use the tractors and farming equipment until just a few years ago. At 90, she has decided to take a rest from farming and enjoys playing more bridge with her friends. She has wonderful stories she shares with her bridge friends who find her experiences fascinating and somewhat scary.
She plays bridge in Athens, Gun Barrel City, Canton and the occasional Unit 225 game but is now playing mostly in Athens. Ginger Rhamey, Director of the Dottie Pirkle Bridge Studio says finding a partner for Lynn is always easy… everyone enjoys playing bridge with her.