Sulu speaks on potato debt

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HEIR to the dendera throne, Suluman Chimbetu, who is embroiled in a potato debt saga with Muwi Village headman, Landmine Madongonda, has revealed that the latter was in a quest to soil his image after he refused to do a duet with him because of dirty lyrics.

In an interview on the sidelines of a historic family show held at The Platinum on Sunday, alongside Jah Prayzah, Sulu said Madongonda approached him to do a song titled “Sulu naMadongonda vanetsa nemababe paNyanga”, an offer he turned down.

Sulu, who is being accused of failing to settle a potato debt, said Madongonda might have done a transaction with Ali.

He said Madongonda only gave him three pockets of potatoes as appreciation after a performance in Nyanga.

“Madongonda called me some four years ago and told me that he was a music promoter.

He later invited us to Nyanga for a show and he paid us well. When we were about to leave for Harare, he called and offered me three sacks of potatoes as appreciation.

He also promised to give us potato seed. I plainly told him that I had no knowledge of potato farming since I was a tobacco farmer,” he said.

The Nyuchi hitmaker said he was shocked to hear Madongonda calling him someday claiming that he wanted money for potato seed.

“He told me to pay for the seed or he would take the matter to newspapers and courts.

“I refused and told him to go ahead with whatever his mission. I later understood that the deal was done between him and my young brother Ali, but up to now I am still confused why he involved me in this.

“He later told me that he had withdrawn the case and asked me to do a collaboration on a song he strangely christened ‘Sulu naMadongonda vanetsa nemababe paNyanga’. To me it did not sound proper. I consulted my wife and I turned down the offer. He got frustrated and he raised the allegations again. I then engaged my lawyers.

“When he came to Harare, I would give him transport money as token but to my surprise he called that part of the payment for the seed.

“I am not aware of the transactions I had with him. Why would I call someone Gamatox? The courts are now handling the matter,” said the soft-spoken musician.

Incessant efforts to contact Madongonda, whose music reminds many of the late John Chibadura, proved fruitless as his phone was unreachable.-Manicapost