Gonyeti Snubs JAH PRAYZAH?

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Gonyeti, Jah Prayzah’s famed bootylicious dancer was conspicuous  by her absence at the launch of the new album at the HICC.gon

Gonyeti’s absence seemed to infuriate some fans who repeatedly shouted her name. Jah Prayzah and his team did not explain why Gonyeti was not taking part in the event. But it is understood that Gonyeti is sulking after being left out of the tour of USA and Canada.

Jah Prayzah’s failure to respond to the fans’ calls left a gap in his act. The other backing vocalist Fatima Katiji did well to single-handedly fill the gap of the usually double-barrelled female voices.

Jah Prayzah temporarily called another dance group on stage for one of his songs, but the dancers did not live up to previous standards set by their predecessors on stage and on set.

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  • Grace Jones

    If it is true Gonyeti was sulking then I must say her sulking did not have foresight. How does bunking a one year most important event for the band make sense? After refusing to take part in the launch does she expect to then benefit from album sales in the form of taking part in future performances that involve this album. I want to sympathize but I think hers was a pull you down thing for the band . Sabotage. Jah probably understands her I do not . I would fire her. Period. She abandoned the band at a very critical point. Yes she is popular but nobody is indispensable. How do we know she will not repeat the same at another critical point? She is unreliable.

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