Makosi ‘s Breast Surgery

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Makosi has spoken of her shock when she discovered a lump in her breast after a gym session. She has now had surgery and is expecting a full recovery.

Makosi's Breast Surgery

Makosi’s Breast Surgery

She said :”On a lovely August evening I had just come from the gym tired as usual! I remember on this particular day I went to the gym in the evening.

You know that feeling when you remove your sports bra…the relief, you then scratch really well …and as I was scratching I came across what every woman dreads to come across! A lump! I ignored it for a week , refused to touch my boob for a week, refused to pray about it or talk to anyone about it.

It was in my head but not in my head. Seven days later I went to see my doctor, he said because of my age it was not necessary to do an MRI scan so he just ordered an ultra sound.

I will do a video of what went through my head for 6 months, my struggle with God.. .I wondered and asked I eat well, I pray, I train every day I am freaken fit fam, why this…

For now I give God back the glory that the surgery was success.

I learnt that there is nothing we can do to impress God …He is not a man that He can be impressed with what impresses us. When we are born we are given a script we have to act out.

That script sometimes will make you fight God (Jonah)..but still glorify Him

Ladies…feel your breasts…get tested…there is nothing to fear. Because that Unwanted visitor #death knocks on every door

Life will humble you yes but remember God is God and you have to do your script justice…this is as much as I can dictate while someone types…when I’m better we will continue.”-Online