SHOCK as magistrate pulls out gun at Jah Prayzah show in Masvingo

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A prominent magistrate caused a scene last Saturday night at Caravan Park in Masvingo after he pulled out a gun to intimidate security personnel so that he could gain free entry into Jah Prayzah’s show.

The magistrate, who appeared to be drunk, allegedly produced a pistol after being asked to pay for the ticket.

Two security details, Tawanda Watch and Vincent Majinga said they were threatened by the magistrate after they asked him to pay his entrance fee.

“As we went about selling tickets to motorists who were queuing for entry, I got to where the magistrate was and kindly asked for the payment. The magistrate then produced a pistol and said that was the ticket,” Majinga said.

This reporter arrived during the skirmishes and heard the magistrate shouting that the junior police officers who were present cannot do anything.

“Hapana zvamunondiita mese. Kana muchida kundisunga munotuudza boss wenyu…(name withheld). Anoda kundisunga ngaapinde muno mumota titonomuona izvozvi pandamusiya paAminas apo (No one among you can touch me.

“If you want to arrest me, you should tell your boss…to do so because he is the only one who can arrest me. Let someone jump into the car so that we can go and meet him (the boss) at Aminas where I left him,” the magistrate shouted.

Police details who were around finally restrained the magistrate and searched his car before they recovered the pistol. They took the magistrate away but surprisingly the magistrate was back few minutes later and attended Jah Prayzah’s show. TellZim