Mudiwa back on market

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By Adoration Bizure

Award winning hip hop artiste Mudiwa Hood is back on the market after breaking up with his 21-year-old girlfriend only identified as Kernisha.

The Ndaita Mari singer went separate ways with the accounts university student eight months after they started dating.

Mudiwa confirmed the breakup, but was unwilling to reveal the reason behind the split.

“I like keeping my private life to myself that is why I did not announce to the media when I started dating Kernisha.

“Yes Kernisha and I are no longer together, but I feel it is not for anyone’s interest since we were keeping a low profile.

“Life is short and sometimes it’s best to just better to let certain things go despite how much you need them.

“I wish her all the best and I will always treasure the moments I spent with her,” said Mudiwa.

When asked if he was ready to find new love Mudiwa said he was taking his time.

“After I broke up with my girlfriend, most ladies have already started seeking my attention but the truth is I am not ready to be with someone now.

“I am currently working on my upcoming album.

“But I haven’t lost hope, I still believe there is someone meant for me out there,” he said.

However, sources close to the flamboyant rapper revealed that Mudiwa and Kernisha failed to make things work because Kernisha was not yet ready to settle down.

“The reason why things did not work out for Mudiwa and Kernisha is because of the age difference between them.

“Mudiwa now wants to settle down and Kernisha is not yet ready to settle down, she still wants to focus on her studies,” said the source.

Mudiwa and Kernisha went on the spotlight after Kernisha made an appearance on Mudiwa’s latest musical video Slaying. H-Metro