Sir Wicknell Doesn’t Have The $50k Bride Price: Sister

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Sir Wicknell’s Sister Scoffs At His Upcoming Marriage….Says He Doesn’t Have The $50k Bride Price

Following the anticipation around self-styled millionaire Sir Wicknell Chivayo’s pending nuptials to Sonja Madzikanda,one person has expressed her disgust with the whole affair.

 Moe Chivayo, sir Wicknell’s sibling, who is no stranger to controversy herself took to social media to debunk the rumor that Wicknell was going to marry his bride for a hefty bride price of $50 000 or more.
 In the past Moe has openly expressed her dislike for her brother’s fiancée resulting in an infamous public exchange in which Sir had harsh words for his seemingly wayward sibling.

Not the one to hold back on her opinion, Moe had plenty to say concerning the upcoming nuptials and scoffed at the rumor that her brother would pay $50k for bride price which she seemingly suggested was way beyond his means.

Mo seemed to goad her brother revealing that his fiancée is worth more than he is and she has his balls tightly shut in her purse.  Sonja wears the pants in the relationship and Sir is not in control as his boastful self would like everyone to believe. She left with a snarky quip asking the audience to send her the pictures of the $50k he is supposedly paying for bride price.

Not the one to hold her horses Moe called the whole marriage ceremony a ‘circus’ and that none of Sir’s siblings will be a part of it. She threw a dig at Sonja who seems to be estranged from her beau’s sisters because apparently she doesn’t even know their names.

She asked cousins and well wishers to attend the ceremony on their behalf and came short of  belittling the whole affair claiming that no one was interested in it.

She signed off with another dig at the couple whom she hopes will keep their lives away from social media citing how irrelevant it was to begin with. – iHarare