PICTURES: Sir Wicknell Marries

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Following the announcement by self-styled millionaire Sir Wicknell Chivayo’s of pending nuptials to Sonja Madzikanda,one person has expressed her disgust with the whole affair, his sister Moe. Moe doubted her brother would be able to pay the $50K bride price that had been apparently asked for, she also expressed her dislike for her brother’s fiancée resulting in an infamous public exchange in which Sir had harsh words for his seemingly wayward sibling. However Sir Wicknell’s traditional ceremony went ahead see pictures below.


Writes Sir Wicknell; TILL DEATH DO US APART………A good woman is the greatest thing a man can have in his life……… GLORY BE TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST…. Thanks to you my FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS , your strong criticism and comments always give me strength to make good decisions like this. My roora function was the best in history (credit to my amazing IN-LAWS and BRAND NEW WIFE ) This is why I chose the PETER HOUSE and UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH class , with my UNIT M SEKE background where and how would I have ever planned this ???…I hope to invite you all of you to my BIG WEDDING soon…..WE GIVE THANKS AND PRAISE…….