Zodwa Wabantu available R25 000 for a booking

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Zodwa is a wonderful person and born entertainer, says DJ Tira, who now handles her bookings.

Entertainer and dancer Zodwa Wabantu has defended her outfit choice at the Durban July last weekend, saying she loved it despite the criticism she received on social media. Though she got paid for appearances, Zodwa said she did not view herself as a celebrity.

“I get bookings, and I am paid well to be me, to dance‚ take pictures and greet people that love and support me at different places and events. My focus is on my talent and money‚ I am not a celebrity or a wannabe‚” she was quoted as saying by TimesLIVE.

The dancer has found an industry friend in Afrotainment’s DJ Tira, who she called a “smart man”. The DJ handled Zodwa’s bookings, further revealing the dancer’s booking started at R25 000.

“Zodwa is a wonderful person who is a born entertainer. After we were booked by the same client in the UK‚ we developed a working relationship, where Afrotainment now handles her bookings‚ which start form R25k. She gets bookings from all over‚ places like Botswana and Swaziland‚” he was quoted as saying.

Although people have called her a “prostitute” and compared her thighs to that of a chicken, she will not allow the negative comments break her.

“I am a role model for a lot of people. People are able to face their challenges because of the example I set,” she told The Daily Sun last week.

Zodwa said what people did not know was that behind those short dresses and the dancing was a woman with brains. She further revealed she had been given an opportunity to be a brand ambassador for an energy drink. The two parties had been negotiating for some time and had now reached an agreement.