Olinda, Tytan planning to wed?

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By Bongani Ndlovu

Social media has been buzzing after Olinda Chapel and her toy-boy, Mukoko hit-maker Tytan, announced that they were engaged, with many people congratulating the couple.

Tytan and Olinda

Olinda and Tytan, who are currently in the United Kingdom, have been showing off their love on Facebook through live broadcasts and even declaring that they are working hard at having babies together.

With this in mind when the announcement was posted on Wednesday morning on Olinda’s Facebook page, it looked like their love stars had aligned.

While others were congratulating the two, others were quick to point out that their announcement was too early for Olinda following the tumultuous divorce with rapper Stunner this year.

The debate raged on for three hours and the couple seemingly watched gleefully as their followers debated and congratulated their union.

After that, Olinda informed her followers that it was all a ploy by the two to see who would be happy for them in the event they decided to marry.

“After this morning’s fun, Tytan and I are not engaged. It’s just fun to know who’s for you or who is not. My apologies for all those that caught feelings and all . . . Because kune vabatwa batwa (there are people who were getting jealous). . .” posted Olinda.

However, Olinda’s actions show that she is hinting to Tytan that she is impatiently waiting for him to pop the question.

Earlier this week, Olinda shared a wedding decor video on her Facebook page by Strictly Weddings showing a gorgeous floral decorated venue on the shores of a beach, with the caption: “Lungi Dlodlo my file please.”

Dlodlo is the founder of VIP hosting, a prominent wedding planning and events management company in Harare. Those who have called on the services of the company say it keeps records of their clients when they plan for a wedding, hence why Olinda was asking for her file from Dlodlo.

Dlodlo seemed to confirm that there was indeed a file for Olinda’s wedding as she replied saying she had noted the request and congratulated the couple.

“Filed and sealed my boss. I really can’t wait for this. So excited for both of you.”

If it comes to fruition, the union with Tytan will be Olinda’s third marriage on the trot. The Chronicle