Eric Knight’s Daughter Says Making Love Keeps Her In Shape

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Eric Knight’s daughter, Moira says she has never bleached her skin as she is a natural yellow bone.

“Those who have known me when I was young can tell you that I was always light in complexion. I was born this way and I all I do to my skin is simply wash it, that’s all and I don’t even use any special skin lotions. When I was in the UK I was actually much lighter than what I am now because it is usually cold that side.

Moira also denied that she has had a boob job. “I do admit that my boobs are huge and firm and that is why most people think that they are fake but the honest truth is they are natural. I went to the UK to spend time with my family not to have  boob implants.”

Moira also revealed that she does not diet. “One interesting thing about me is I don’t watch my diet. I eat a lot of fast food but I still have an ideal body. I have a flat tummy and a curvy bum. It is possible because I have a secret and special form of exercise which is simply the love making I do with my man.

Making love with my man makes me lose some kilos because there is a lot of energy involved that is why my body is the way it is,” she told H Metro.

It is not clear if she is back with chanter She Calaz who battered her after he cheated.